"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.  I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear."

- Thoreau


Sounds in the Distance

Sometimes a
midst the most pressing problems in organizations, all who are called on to lead are challenged by a cacophony of noise.  There are endless stakeholders who demand attention, and a bottom line--measured in money, milestones and missions--all pressing in to have their way.  The complexity of today's world, markets, and competing agendas from all sides is daunting.  Drawing on hard won battle scars, managerial skills--and a sheer will to win--such challenges can often be subdued and the noise contained. 

But, for some, there come times when "faint signals" can still be heard that something is amiss and more is asked of us:

We are somehow not approaching things quite right in the current situation.
      Bigger questions must be asked and considered.
      Higher aspirations call us for a wider, deeper contribution to those we serve.

Sometimes these are brought on by momentous turning points in the life of a business, sometimes in small events, sometimes in the hearts of executives.  There are sounds in the distance nudging us, haunting us, calling us.  There are times when those who hear these sounds feel they can no longer nor should be pushed aside.  Too much is at stake--for the business, for their people, for themselves.

The Founding of Distant Drummer

Where can leaders at these crossroads readily turn for help?  Who can they see and talk with that understands business and organizational life, who has no other agenda than "to walk with them for a while," and with whom they can: 

     Share candid concerns and really be heard without judgment or prejudice?
    Reflect on important business and human questions with depth and discernment?

     Explore issues at their core, and with their own voice, while fostering a culture of excellence and self-renewal?

Distant Drummer was founded to help senior leaders with just these times and circumstances.

At Distant Drummer, we know that hearing and following the path of the "sounds in the distance" is not easy, nor is it for everyone.  And we know that it is not a substitute for the diverse structural, technical, and behavioral solutions that enterprises and leaders also need.  Many outstanding and specialized providers, large and small, exist to provide such programs and advice. 

But we also recognize that many serious issues at the senior level are refractory of efforts that do not address their deeper conceptual and human underpinnings.  We also believe that more than a few senior leaders are hungry for more in their everyday work lives, and that legacy in service to others looms large.

We are pleased to offer our services for those who wish to choose this path and answer its call.

For more on the founding of Distant Drummer and our general approach, see Distant Drummer: Point of View.